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serious damage. but the reality is they dramatically jeopardized our economy, they broke government even worse than people think it already is and we've got to get it back on track. the highway or the highway poll tikdzs has to stop. >> jon: this is the student i speak of. >> exactly. >> jon: they're behavior over the last couple of years has been somewhat n.i.h. ilistic. that being seed how do the democrats seize that mantle of confidence and those sorts of things? >> i hope when people read my book that they treat it as a road map for how they can get engaged well. he need real foam sound an alarm bell. politician allowed home itselves to be strangled by the tea party. the tail is wagging the dog. >> jon: you think you were going to say we need real people i thought they were robots. >> they have robotic like tendencies. it can't always be my way. you have to reach across the aisle and work together. we need moms to get involved whether it's education or health care or immigration reform or the economy. and choose the issue that they care about the most. and try to include and get invo
and suddenly you're sleeping with my wife and driving my audi. >> what about my wife and aud economy? what's wrong with them? >> they're wonderful, i'm sure. i have a certificate that proves i'm a navigator. >> stephen: can i see your gun? >> i don't have a gun. i hope you're not armed. >> stephen: you asking me if i'm armed. i want to know if that's part of health care navigation. i know obamacare is coming from our guns. >> no, it's not. >> stephen: so it's okay if i'm armed. >> no! >> stephen: you're going ask me personal information as we go forward. >> correct. >> stephen: so i might feel uncomfortable at times. >> i understand that. >> stephen: why don't we establish a safe word. (laughter) pumpkin patch. if i say pumpkin patch that means it's getting heavy for me and i need to pull out. >> okay, can i have your name please? >> stephen: pumpkin patch. (laughter and applause) sorry, i panicked. first name is stephen. >>, is t-e-v-e-n-? >>. >> stephen: p.h.. i'm not an animal. >> and your middle initial? >> stephen: tyrone mos def. >> do you have a suffix? >> stephen: i do, it's d.f.a.
rationally in their long-term self interest made a huge impact in how you viewed how the economy would function. >> jon: even if you look at the simple numbers, these guys are, you know, taking 30 to 1 risks on stuff that they are not capitalized on. that's not even studying human behavior. that's looking at a basic balance sheet and going what is this? >> precisely. we began to see what was going, you couldn't believe that there would be people who would be that disregarding of their own companies. how can you run, as you say 30 times -- >> jon: on the leverage. isn't it because they don't pay the penalty. the rewards they were getting, the system was incentivized for the crazy short-term bursts of rewards. >> back in 1970, the new york stock exchange said that broker dealers which is what all these people are could incorporate. prior to then they were all partnerships. let me tell you something about a partnership. your partners don't let you take any risk. i remember they wouldn't lend you a nickle overnight and the system worked. it did not get anybody failing because the equity wa
begin on wall street. it's been five years since the financial collapse that tanked the global economy. while no one has been sent to jail or community service or even had a one hour time out in their home or faced the reality of causing a catastrophe maybe it's about to change. >> jp morgan and the justice department have tentatively agreed to a d.l. 13 billion settlement. >> $13 billion settlement with the government to settle for bad loans. >> they say jp morgan willingly misled people by backing lisky mortgages. >> jon: risky mortgages. it seems like when tom cruise was in that movie and they packaged the loans with a sultry derive actives trader. i remember her. that's why so many traders work in a button down and underpants. $13 billion what lucky bastards are getting a bite after this cheese. $6 billion goes towards investor compensation $4 billion for homeowner relief and $2 billion in penalty fines but the government has to pay jp morgan's $8 settlement processing fees. damn you bank fees. damn you and your bank! you know who must be thrilled to hear this news financial and li
called cash cat because people have way too much free time and our economy is flush with money. so i'm going to show you a picture and you guys have to tell me if it's from cash cats or some other absurd themed catalog where they don't have any money. say rich cat or poor cat when i show the pictures. this is an adorable guy. rich cat or poor cat. >> family money rich cat. >> that is a rich cat. check this out, damn! that is the m.i.a. of cats. >> no! >> i'm so glad i guessed right. that cat would murder me. >> what season of the wire is that from? >> that's omar's best friend. >> oh yeahitious this black and white paul of fluff? >> poor cat. >> that's from cats that look like hitler. kittler. >> kittler. >> all right, how about this next guy with one eye? rich cat/poor cat? >> rich. >> yeah don't worry. he's loded. look at that. and a grenade. what? is that all foreign money? oh my god. >> hold on what camera am i looking into one right now. just film me, right there. you're forgiven bin laden. there go ahead. >> good god. >> that cad catis so evil it should be stroking another litt
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)